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The Korean artist Jee Young Lee created an elaborate installation in her studio, in Seoul, using everyday materials—plywood, paper cups, straws—and handmade props. The constructed landscapes are her interpretations of personal experiences, dreams, and Korean folk tales. Take a look: http://nyr.kr/QrERhB

Top: “Reaching for the Stars”
Bottom: “I’ll Be Back”
All photographs by Jee Young Lee


Beet Crust Pizza

I really need to make this (with my own beets, of course).

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Sleeping Goddess at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, England. - Imgur

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Kids Say The Darnedest Things When They’re Asked What They Would Do If They Had 5 More Years To Live

After listening to what these kids will do with five extra years, it’s really hard to deny them that time. Let’s work on giving them the lifespan they deserve.